the concept of two spoonful of I (Ai=Love) in MÜLL(waste)』




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also reflects the below idea: 



Literally, the fashion by  MIUELLI is artistic, involving the usage of antique textiles and vintage jewellery and decorations.
In exchange of its rarity and beauty
of the antiques though, the downside of them are their fragility.
Therefore  MIUELLI is stepping forward to become a specialist group that carries out re-arting, re-fining, and repairing.

We intend to equip ourselves with such functionalities in order to create continuous cycle of art and fashion.

By reviving one item and treat it with care until the very end of its life, we will maintain the cycle of protecting our resources and making the world a better place. 

For the time being as a part of business by  ECHARINIUM×UOAK cooperation, there are various plans to participate in department store events and pop-up stores at mainstream  miscellaneous goods shops both in Japan and abroad.
 MIUELLI is ambitiously aiming to participate in display-sale of ECHARINIUM×UOAK by creating collaborative products that incorporate Furoshiki-handbags using combinations of gold-holographic fabrics and different materials, also any other relevant accessory components.