Akihi Yukako Hirota / Attic Natura

Macrame Artist / Painter




Born in Fuji, Shizuoka prefecture. Currently residing in Kobe, Japan.
Graduated from Veterinary Medicine, Yamaguchi University.
After resigning from the field of biochemical research, Akihi found her way of expressing the fascination with life in art. She is now an established self-taught artist using digital painting techniques. 
Her theme of work is “Life” and “Love”, whether it is in the form of digital painting, oil painting, or Macramé jewellery making. She expresses the wonders of the brilliance of life, for she sees that everything is intricately weaved whether it is with science, art, or being a mother and woman. Through the artistic activities, she heals self and those who encounter her works. 



廣田 夕佳子 : Akihi / Attic Natura 

マクラメアーティスト / 画家




海外の雑誌「Asian on Artz」にて作品を紹介される
近年の制作テーマは 「生命の輝き」